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Character description/facts : Peyton Eggtree

Posted by daisytdm - August 3rd, 2021

This is a description of my Riddle School OC(her name is part of the title), but some of these facts are most likely going to get debunked by the original creators of a few other characters that will be mentioned, I just thought I would at least get the description part out of the way so you can get what she’s like

{She looks exactly like Phil Eggtree in terms of the shape of her head(if Jonochrome drew her) and her eye color, but the rest of her inherited traits are different, she has black hair(it’s the same length you would expect from a boy if they have hair, it’s also wavy), and a Hispanic skin tone(and there’s an explanation for it)

She is Phil Eggtree’s twin sister(she is also older than him by 25 seconds)

She and Phil are the stepsiblings of the iconic man himself, Pico(The Eggtree twins biological mother died of complications after birth,Their biological father remarried Pico’s biological mother when the twins were three months old, and when Pico was 18 both his mother and stepfather died in a car crash, which means he is also the legal guardian of the twins)

Her favorite color is hot pink

She’s a Stalwart Leader just like her brother, but she is also a music prodigy

She attends an all girls prep school called Esther Academy and her best friends with one of Smiley’s African-American cousins who also attends the same school

I made multiple adaptations of her in fanfiction, one of those adaptations said that she is sexually attracted to women instead of men, but her other adaptations say that she’s actually attracted to men instead of women, as a result her official sexuality is bisexual(meaning she is attracted to both men and women)

Her biological mother and her stepmother are both white American women(with human decency), but her biological father is a pure blooded Latino male who’s English is on point(meaning both her and Phil or half American half Mexican)

Aside from the hair, most of her inherited traits are from her father, meaning that aside from the eyecolor and the fact that he’s bald Phil looks exactly like his mother(which is why he is a white man just by the way he looks)

Her favorite instrument is the flute

She was nearly used as a vessel for demonic ritual(being performed by three upper-classmates) that required human sacrifices in order for it to work, but thanks to her playing a little game of detective, she managed to save herself(most of her peers were killed in the process unfortunately)

At first she didn’t make any friends because she was worried that some dumb gossip or drama that was completely false might ruin the relationship the moment it starts to flourish, as a result she had trust issues and can only make acquaintances, she still does to this day despite the fact that she has a best friend who is always by her side

Eventually in the future she will become Zack Kelvin girlfriend

She doesn’t like to wear make up, and thinks self-centered women who wear make up all day are tragic

Her favorite Mexican food is the cheese rollup from Taco Bell(she used to work for Taco Bell when she was 16 but she quit when she was 18 due to the fact that the new manager was a sexist A[Butt]Hole)

She has a love-hate mindset with anime and manga, she loves it because of the musician based stories within them, she hates him because she is disgusted by the fact that anime porn exist

Favorite TV show is Victorious(one time she pulled a prank on Pico by shooting the ceiling and interrupting his response by singing the shows theme song)

She is an alto and sings like an angel

Her favorite classical song is Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven

Her favorite music genre(s) is Pop and Classical

She would eventually graduate college under music theory and become a popstar by the name of Pink Cookie(One of her hit songs was a duet with the one and only Hatsune Miku)

She is afraid of bats(as a result she thinks vampire romance movies are cringe)

(this is more of an opinion then a fact but I’m just gonna say it anyways)if a famous celebrity voiced her, Dove Cameron will be the perfect candidate

She and her siblings can speak English and Spanish(Ella y sus hermanas pueden hablar inglés y español)

Even though she loves cats, she’s actually a dog person

If she gets a week in FNF, One of her songs will sort of be similar to the second song Phil has in the Riddle School FNF mod, with the catch being that there will be multiple Gen Z pop culture references, just to show what her personality and experiences are like in comparison to Mr.ICanEscapeSchool(Phil Eggtree) himself(same personality different experience)}

And that’s it, I hope you enjoyed